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Drawing for Animation Interview with Dreamworks Animator Rebecca Perez

by Dell Milton

When you made the decision to become an Animator what was the first step you took to make that decision a reality?
I spoke to current animators. Whether by email or face to face I spoke to animators that I admired. There is so much knowledge you can learn from someone who's already accomplished what you are seeking.

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Sample Article Featured Artist: Peter Konig


by Dell Milton

I've worked on a number of different films in a variety of roles. I've designed, sculpted and fabricated and art directed on films such as: Bill and Ted's Bogus journey, Radio Flyer, Of Mice and Men, Honey, I Blew up the Kid, Jurassic Park, Coneheads, Starship Troopers, Dragonheart, Evolution, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Starship Troopers 2... Read Full Story >

Sample Article Pixar Animator

Victor Navone

by Dell Milton

There is a lot of competition out there right now, so it's not going to be easy. A great demo reel will speak for itself, whether you have schooling or not, but it's still important to network and to be willing to work your way up from a lesser job. I got very lucky - I don't think that I could get a job at Pixar today with the demo reel I had in 2000...

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Sample Article Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury director/animator

(Peter Chung)

by Dell Milton

The animation program at CalArts is very well plugged into the L.A. animation industry. The school was founded by Walt Disney and at the time I attended, most of the animation faculty were veteran Disney artists. There are two distint programs of study-Character Animation and Experimental Animation with distinctly different approaches...

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Armeka Jackson DC Comics Reviews
Batman #681

reviewed by Armeka Jackson

After seven long months, we have arrived at the conclusion of Batman R.I.P. After reading and rereading all seven issues, it's clear that if there is one thing Grant Morrison does not do, it's spoon-feed his readers. R.I.P. has been possibly the most talked about DC storyline of the last year, and though the conclusion may leave as many questions as answers...

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reviewed by Armeka Jackson

I once was asked what comic book universe I would prefer to live in, Marvel or DC. I immediately answered Marvel. Not because I prefer Marvel over DC, but because there is no way I could ever live in a universe with the Joker in it. Brian Azzarello's new graphic novel, simply titled Joker, reinforces my answer in a way that only the best Joker stories are able to do so. Joker...

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Justice League of America #27

reviewed by Armeka Jackson

In 1993, Milestone Comics were founded by a coalition of African-American comic book writers and artists who believed minorities had been underrepresented in American comic books. Today, Milestone Media is primarily a licensing company, but many of its comic book heroes are faint memories of the Nineties. Earlier this year, DC Comics executive editor Dan Didio...

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Superman/Batman Annual #3

reviewed by Armeka Jackson

Superman/Batman is somewhat of a guilty comic book pleasure for me. Sometimes the storylines are so over-the-top that I can't take it seriously, but other times it works very well as an escapist series for the DC Universe, similar to Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin. Supes/Bats has for the most part kept away from touching any current continuity ever since Jeph Loeb left the book, and instead has done updates for characters and events associated with the duo. We've seen retellings of characters such as Supernova, Kara Zor-El, the Metal Men, and even a new story (hated by many, loved by me) in the 50th issue of the series where we learned that Jor-El and Thomas Wayne actually met years before either of their future superhero sons was born, and how that chance encounter shaped the destiny of DC's greatest heroes...

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Annie Gray Articles
Do You Own These Top 10 Animation Books?

by Annie Gray

Have you ever found a book that you began to read which held your attention so much it was difficult to put down? Animators have! When an animator discovers a really good book about his craft they simply can't lay it down. The book speaks a language only they understand. The best animation books are the ones that you cannot put down...

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How to choose the right Animation School for you. How to choose the right Animation School for you.

by Annie Gray

The one question we get asked most often at Animation Arena is the "which animation school should I go to?" question. That's still a tricky question to answer but the good news is with the rise of Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks and other animation studios becoming a professional animator is actually a viable career path...

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Sample Article The 28 Principles of animation

by Annie Gray

This article was given to me by Mark Kennedy (storyboard artist on Hercules and Tarzan). Thank you Mark for all those handouts!! Often times animators and storyboarders in the industry are able to get handouts from some of the artists who are great teachers. This is an example of such kind of handout that gets circulated among the artists gradually.

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Introduction to 3D Animation

by Annie Gray

Learning 3D Animation
Animators must have a keen understanding of motion, movement, and acting. It may surprise you that the best animators take acting lessons - this helps them understand how their own body moves, and makes it easier to transfer that understanding into believable animation...

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Donna Jackson Marvel Comics Reviews
Ultimate Spider-Man #160 review

by Donna Jackson

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Marvel has been touting that Death of Ultimate Spider-Man for months now, closing a chapter on one of the most consistently entertaining superhero comic book runs of the last few decades. At some points, no matter what the general consensus was with Bendis' work in Marvel, one could always say "At least Ultimate Spider-Man is top notch." Much more often than not, it was.. .

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New Avengers #48

reviewed by Donna Jackson

The best thing that can be said about this issue is that it’s extremely new-reader friendly. It’s a good place to start for anyone curious about Marvel comics, and there will be a good amount of such readers, seeing as the Secret Invasion got a decent amount of mainstream coverage outside of the comic book realms. My previous complaints about stories such as World War Hulk that it did not truly change the landscape of the Marvel Universe will definitely not hold up post-SI...

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1

reviewed by Donna Jackson

Classic literature occasionally gets the comic book treatment and creates a whole new fanbase, such as with Stephen King's Dark Tower. In 1975, DC and Marvel worked on their first collaboration, not as a story for their respective superheroes, but in an adaptation of the L. Frank Baum's classic children's tale The Wizard of Oz. Now Marvel has again published a new 8-part miniseries on the classic story, with the same charm and wonder of the original, but with amazing new dreamlike visuals for a new generation of readers...

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Punisher: War Zone #6

reviewed by Donna Jackson

At the conclusion of ‘Welcome Back Frank", Frank Castle had burnt and blown away quadruple amputee and leader of the Gnucci crime family Ma Gnucci, as well as gotten rid of any wanna-be vigilantes trying to do what the Punisher does. One of those victim's son has taken up the identity of his father and now goes as the white-masked murderer Elite. This final issue of the aptly named mini-series "The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci" finds the Punisher cornered in the house of his snitch, Charlie Schitti, who's not much help anymore after taking a dart filled with sedative to the head...

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