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3D Training Institute

Degree's Offered:

Program Categories:
Character Animation, Computer Animation/Digital Art, Web Graphics/Design, Web Animation, Workshops, Distance Learning, Online Courses, Private Training

Year Program First Started:

Fees / Tuition Information:
Programs fees vary. Please contact our offices for additional information. 212-967-7777

Is Financial Aid Available?

Financial Aid Information:
Various Loan Options

Entrance Requirements:
Basic Computer Knowledge

Program Philosophy:
3DTI courses are entirely project-based and are conducted by current industry professionals in a simulated production atmosphere - a far cry from institute training in a static classroom environment. 3DM instructors focus on more than software: they provide you the hands-on experience you will need to build a successful career. The production tips, tricks, and insights gathered from their many years of field experience are invaluable to both beginners and experienced animators.

Program Description:

3DTI is a premier training institute that focuses exclusively in high-end 3d animation training in class-room settings and on-line. The 3DTI team includes creative directors, animators and instructors who have worked on films, television commercials and advertising campaigns for companies such as Samsung, Artesyn Technologies, Aiwa America, Proctor and Gamble and McDonalds.

Faculty Description:
Classes are supplemented with guest lectures by some of the top minds in the animation field.

Most importantly, classes do not adopt a traditional student/teacher hierarchy. You will assume the role of Junior Animator while your instructor plays the role of Animation Director. Mock clients assign projects for the class to complete as a team under the guidance of the instructor/Animation Director.

Career Placement Information:
Your relationship with 3DTI does not end with the course. We realize that the vitality of our company's future hinges on our ability to retain talent. Impressive 3DM students are often offered 3DM internships or freelance assignments after they complete the project-based course.

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