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Animation Arena Twitter Giveaways

We've got a ton of stuff just sitting around the Animation Arena office that needs to be put to good use. So why not give it away to you, our dear readers, over Twitter? Read on to find out how our new monthly Twitter giveaways work.

We just started our twitter account and are still getting used to the format once we've reached 250 followers we will start a monthly giveaway. We will hop on Twitter and announce the months giveaway prize (or prizes if we happen to have enough stuff on hand for runner-up prizes) and the conditions to win. We may want you to re-tweet the contest announcement to win and sometimes we'll just randomly pick followers.

Winners will be chosen on the 20th of each month at 5 PM PST. Once we pick a winner, we'll contact you via Direct Message on Twitter and ask for your mailing address so that we can send off your prize. Please don't tweet your address at us; that wouldn't be very smart.

You have until 5 PM PST the following day to get in touch with us to claim your prize. If you fail to do so, we will select another winner.

If you happen to win a contest and your address is outside the U.S. where some weird law prevents us from mailing you the swag, we'll find alternative swag for you -- so don't be shy, international readers.

Also, if you absolutely hate Twitter and refuse to get an account just so you can follow us and have a shot at Animation Arena Twitter Giveaways, don't worry – If you link to us from your blog/website and email us with the subject line Animation Arena Giveaways, in that email give use your name, your blog url, the url where you linked to us, what country you currently live in and a brief description of your blog.

We will then post your blog/website in a new section of Animation Arena called Animation Blog Roll(still being developed btw.). And you will be entered into that months Animation Arena Giveaway.

Remember the Giveaways Start Once We Reach 250 Twitter Followers so spread the word.

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Some of the Prizes we are considering are:

1. Nintendo Wii (we just happen to have a new unopened Wii sitting on the shelf and no one remembers where it came from)

2. $50 Apple gift card.

3. $50 Fandango Bucks Gift Card

4. And more.

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