Brown College Game Design & Development

Bachelor of Science Degree - Game Design & Development
The videogame industry, commonly known as interactive entertainment, is growing by leaps and bounds. Here at Brown we embrace a strong education in game design which seeks to shape tomorrow's interactive entertainment visionaries, helping them become team-based creative problem solvers and contributors to our increasingly global culture. Career opportunities for Game Design & Development graduates span a range of sectors. They can apply their skills to create the next hit console title, military training simulations, medical diagnosis tools, educational systems, next-generation marketing of course, a range of digital and traditional game types. Classes in the Game Design and Development degree program are designed to be as riveting as the games they focus on studying. While pursuing a degree in game design, you learn to become adaptable team-player, leader, and entrepreneur ready to tackle big studio and indie opportunities as they present themselves in today's dynamic marketplace. This is no simple task, but with the power of will and determination you can be a qualified interactive entertainment professional.

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