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Invincible Iron Man #8 Review

Invincible Iron Man #8 review by Hugo Bravo

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Frank D’Amarta

Iron Man has had one hell of a year. In our world, his film was a box office hit, not only reviving the career of Robert Downey, Jr., but also introducing Tony Stark to a whole new generation of movie watchers. In the Marvel Universe however, things aren't quite as bright for Tony or for Stark Industries. Not only has he had to deal with the near death of Pepper Potts and an attack from Obadiah Stane's son Ezekiel, he also had that messy little Secret Invasion on his metal plate. The shapeshifting Skrulls came to Earth with the intention of making it their new home and one of the first plans of attack was planting a virus in Stark technology that caused it to completely break down. In a moment of frustration and weakness that seemed to last almost half of the Secret Invasion, Stark was nearly tricked by Spider-Woman (a Skrull) into believing that he himself was a Skrull as well.

Though the Invasion ended and the Skrulls were defeated, public opinion for Stark Industries is at an all-time low. Tony is having trouble managing the suit, no longer being able to control it with the Extremis conduit, because unfortunately, that had Stark technology in it as well. Worse of all, he has to relinquish all S.H.I.E.L.D. duties to Norman Osborn, who has now renamed the organization H.A.M.M.E.R. After being televised as the man who dared to put a bullet through a Skrull's head, Norman is now loved across America, shaking hands with Presidents and Presidents-Elect. But what the former Green Goblin wants more than anything, Tony Stark will not give up without a fight.

How the mighty have fallen. Almost two years ago, Iron Man was officially the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., after being declared the victor of Marvel's Civil War. He had about three books bearing his name in Marvel. Despite the stressfulness of his new responsibilities, he never touched a bottle of liquor. Now Iron Man will be paying for his sins, and he'll have to use his mind more than his suit if he's going to survive his latest story arc. There's a very specific reason why Tony Stark will now be the world's most wanted. It deals directly with Civil War, and will put him in a position of both strength and weakness of which has not been seen before. The fact that he has lost true control of his weaponry just makes it all the more exciting. To add to that, Matt Fraction has turned Iron Man into a sympathetic, likeable character once again, and thanks to his new movie success, it's easier to accept his new role as victim instead of the bastard that arrested Captain America.

It's a shame the artwork cannot match up to the story itself. Though Salvador Larroca can draw a fine Iron Man armor and anything else involving technology, his actual character models and faces look unpolished and sloppy. The coloring is not much better. Frank D'Amarta tries his hardest to add realistic skin textures, but instead we are left with awkward contorted faces and colors that make some of the characters look as if they just went fist to fist with the Hulk.

Matt Fraction aims to bring Shellhead back to the ground, and the first issue of "World's Most Wanted" gives Tony Stark a formidable new foe in Norman Osborn. Despite the lackluster art, this is one matchup definitely worth your time.

Rating: 8

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