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She-Hulk #37 Review

She-Hulk #37 review by Hugo Bravo

Written by Peter David
Art by Steve Scott

Jennifer Walters, known to comic fans as She-Hulk, will soon find her book canceled. What was under Dan Slott one of Marvel's best, most original series only a few years ago, is now being put to rest because to avoid confusion with the Hulk,s book, where Shulkie is displaying characteristics that completely go against her character in her own book. I can understand Marvel siding with Jeph Loeb and his Hulk, since after all, it is one of their best-sellers. But is it necessary to outright cancel a book that has been canceled before, only to be brought back by popular demand? Clearly fans love the green lady. Catch her now and enjoy an entertaining run with some great art, because it's very possible that She-Hulk may be limited to only random appearances in her cousin,s book from now on.

She-Hulk was once one of Marvel's most respected legal figures. Unfortunately for her new career, not long before her cousin the Hulk came back to Earth to wreck holy hell on the Marvel Universe, Jenny lost her license to practice law. No longer wanting to be a fulltime superhero, she became a bounty hunter, using her mind and muscles to capture runaway super villains and drag them back to justice. However, the sense of duty of a superhero never really leaves. She-Hulk gathers her team of Lady Liberators and goes to the nation of Marinmer where they overthrow its corrupt government and dictatorship with one swoop of their toned yet feminine arms. She's hailed as a hero to the ailing country, but the U.S. government doesn't quite see it that way. They throw Jennifer in prison for willful violation of international borders.

We find She-Hulk imagining what great wordplay and legal jargon she will use to get the leaders of the free world on her side. Fortunately for her, she won,t need to testify to the U.N., as her old law firm antagonist Mallory Book is able to get her out of jail only a day after capture. In fact, she and her old associates are so impressed with the coverage that She-Hulk received overseas, that it may be possible for Jennifer Walters to regain her license to practice law. Jennifer realizes that she's gained popularity in the media she hasn't seen since her days with the Fantastic 4. So while Shulkie is in the city, slowly getting her profession back on track, who's running the bounty hunter business? Her partner Jazinda, a promiscuous shapeshifter who has the ability to heal herself from any injury almost instantly. Oh, and she's a Skrull too. No one knows that the She-Hulk's cute sidekick is the same race as the aliens that recently secretly invaded earth.

Peter David unfortunately never brought the character to the heights that Dan Slott was able to. While Slott seamlessly combined courtroom drama with superhero antics and great humor, David chose a safer, more traditional role for the character. It,s a shame that with the book ending, we may never know if David was thinking of bringing Jenny back to the courtroom where she did her best work, as is being hunted in her final arc. Steve Scott draws She-Hulk a little more muscular than she,s usually portrayed, but his women are attractive, (yes, even the Skrull chick) without resorting to cheesecake to make his characters stand out.

One of the most consistently well-written females in comics today survived the Secret Invasion with a new ally, but will unfortunately have gotten the ax by the time you read this. Pick up this final run for Jenny Walters and give one of the best female characters in comic books today an appropriate, well-selling goodbye.

Rating: 7

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